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      Online Recruitment
      The use of big data, Internet platform and technical positions with the candidates for the post of forming a multi-dimensional matching the height of the connection.Recruitment in order to achieve efficient and accurate.
      Talent Guarantee
      By off-line services team involvement to ensure that in the case of the candidates have the intention to change jobs or companies interested only incur costs, maximize the reduction of the cost of corporate recruiters and recruitment completed within manageable costs .
      ATS System
      JobShow ATS system tracking candidates for the job application and hiring process both sides to interact and build good relations. It help companies build their own talent pool, and good for enterprise development.
      Executive Search
      CareerBeing have intensive market segments industry experience with service-oriented team, exceed Ten thousand+ talents database, always pay attention to candidates’ market.
      Blue-collar Outsourcing Service
      CareerBeing Blue-collar employment services is focus on the recruitment of blue-collar staff, project management and employee relationship. Use of CareerBeing powerful recruitment network within the country, advanced Internet platform and technical support, providing perfect blue-collar labor integration services.
      BPO Service
      BPO is a business organization to maintain the competitive core competencies, the organization's non-core business entrusted to external professional company to reduce operating costs, improve quality and focus of human resources, improve customer satisfaction. Outsourcing industry is a newly emerging industry, it gives companies brought new vitality.
      Staffing Service
      Staffing services, also known as temporary staffing, labor dispatch, is defined by the human resources services company and dispatch employees to sign labor contracts, sending employees to a new labor employment business model. Staffing services is the most remarkable feature of employer and employee (labor) units --- they are separated as two different entities.
      Flexible Employment
      short-term temporary, alternative, complementary business, CareerBeing provide flexible enterprise positions and employment services and helping our clients to focus on business development.
      RPO Service
      CareerBeing RPO services mainly to provide some or all of the specialized recruitment mitigation, diversification of recruitment services. Functional equivalent of internal recruiting department, responsible for providing the necessary staff, skills, tools and technologies to customers, can doon demand (Demand and variable).
      HR Agency Service
      Personnel agency services will reduce the operating costs of human resources, see the improvement of human resources service quality and improve the efficiency of human resource management and the use of external resources as HR effort’s focus on strategic level.
      C&B Outsourcing
      Careerbeing HR Solution Group provides ‘payroll outsourcing’ services for customers to create、implement、maintain a full range of compensation management of special services, help the customer to achieve their construction from the salary system, salary management, salary payment to the whole process of compensation management business payroll.
      Social Security Plan
      Social tax integration to help businesses effectively optimize labor costs and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.
      Reference Check
      Risk management and Credit depths with large Internet data, the full dimensions help you verify the information on the issuance of audit candidates before hiring notice.
      Visas Services
      CareerBeing provide offshore service for foreigners. We help: applying for alien employment permits, residence permits of foreigners, employment of foreigners Chinese social insurance, Medicare Supplement Insurance foreigners, Foreigners medical service customization etc.
      Training & Team Building
      By providing tailor-made talent training programs and team building programs, we help our customers to build an enterprise with efficient execution and effective management team.
      HR Management Consulting
      Senior director or above of human resources positions to help customers optimize their human resources infrastructure, and customer guidance and training human resources operations team to reach customers high-quality human resources strategic objectives.




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